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Expertise Spanning Over 7 Decades

Everett Johnson established J H Motors over 76 years ago, in 1946. Shortly after being in business, his two sons, Will and Robert Johnson, joined him, along with Kris (Will’s daughter) and her son, Cody, several years later. Our family business is continuing to grow and expand to extend our services to the lower 48 states, with a focus on inhabitants in Idaho, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, and, of course, Billings, MT.

J H MotorsSupreme Services

For experienced 24/7 service on the road, call J H Motors at (406) 248-8101. We’ll help you with:

Semi White White

Semi towing and recovery

This service caters to fully loaded semi-trucks that have been involved in an accident and require towing.


Heavy duty towing and recovery

Need a tow truck durable enough to handle the weight of your heavy duty vehicles?

Semitrailer White


Our team at J H Motors possesses the efficient equipment and experience to safely deck of your truck.

We Specialize inHeavy-Duty Towing and Recovery

Our fleet of trucks at J H Motors is specifically designed to haul vehicles and equipment safely and efficiently. J H Motors has been in business since 1946, assisting locals with world-class towing and recovery services in Billings, MT, including locals in Idaho, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado.

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